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Pedro Kantor kitbash from the 25th Anniversary model

Pedro Kantor - Front

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Pedro Kantor - Back

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I've had this model since the day it came out.  Before I settled on Eldar (in fact, right up until I pressed the 'order' button), I was seriously considering reviving my Crimson Fists army.  I was going to go with all early-Mark armours and model the 128 remaining Fists after the Crusade of Righteous Liberation.  The Anniversary model was going to be my centerpiece, Chapter Master Kardova, modeled to count as Pedro Kantor.  Of course, once that didn't happen, the model sat on the shelf for months.  I decided to break him out and finish him up right as a display piece.

I still went with the Kantor conversion, as I had the bitz sitting in the box.  With the banner, the severed Ork head no longer fit, so I simply left it out.  The joins for the arms were identical, though, which made assembly seamless.  No need to GS the gaps!  The Kantor bitz are still metal, so pinning was necessary, but other than that, this model was a breeze.  Nicely detailed, and it looks great.